You’ve picked the perfect piece of artwork for your home, the fun part! But how do you find the perfect frame? We know that finding the right frame can be tricky, thats why we’ve put together a handy list of all of our favourite frames and where to buy them.

Frame Mounts

First of all, we love mounts. A mount is a flat piece of card/paper which sits inside the frame, it acts as a border to the artwork.They really make the artwork pop and add an extra layer of depth. 

When it comes to protecting your artwork, mounts offer that extra level of security by separating the glass from the artwork. Sometimes condensation can form on the inside of the class which can be transferred to the artwork.

Mounts are great because they mean that you don’t have to find a frame which fits your artwork perfectly. Simply purchase a frame which is larger than the artwork then cut a piece of mount board to fit! If you don’t fancy cutting the mount yourself we found a great company called best4frames that will do all of the work for you. Alternatively, your local framers would be able to provide you with this.

Custom built Frames 

Eframe are great if your looking for a completely made to measure frame. They’ll make you a frame and mount at any custom size. They offer hundreds of styles in a range of materials and colours. They’re affordable and great quality.

Frames we love

These John Lewis frames come in 4 different colours and will fit A4,A3,A2. Prices start from £18. They're affordable and look great!


 Beautiful quality A4 frame from Poster Store. This ones just £8.95!



Great options for our smaller A5 size prints! Left are from PF&A and are £8.70. Right are from Art on a Postcard. £15.



 IKEA is a great place to browse your framing options. They have 100's great quality modern frames. The RIBBA collection is a favourite of ours and suits our square artwork perfectly. 

Poster hangers are becoming an increasingly popular choice. They work with all of our print sizes and you can find them in a variety of materials and sizes. Find them here on Amazon.

Cass Art  offer a lovely selection on FSC approved wood frames made in the UK. 

Based Internationally?

Struggling to find frames to fit our sizes? We'd recommend either purchasing a larger frame and using a frame mount (which we mention earlier), using your local framers or using a custom frame building site. If you're based in the US we found a company called ArtToFrames who offer these services. 

February 16, 2021 — Amber Davenport

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